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Teen Yoga Box

No matter what generation a teen girl grows up in, the conflict with one’s self stands the same; who am I, what do I like, what is my purpose, what do I stand for, what don’t I stand for, am I worthy?

As teens with millions of questions running through their mind, Jennifer Lovely, creator of the Teen Yoga Box, wanted to give teen girls a variety of tools each month to help work through and even answer some of those daunting questions.

Teen Yoga Box is a monthly subscription box that offers three plans; one box at a time, 3-month subscription, or 6-month subscription. You can even give it as a gift. In each box there will be 3 – 5 carefully selected, hand-made items and activities.

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What makes Teen Yoga Box special?

Teen Yoga Box isn’t just a box full of awesome hand-made items from around the world, though that in it’s self is cool; Teen Yoga Box offers something much deeper than that. The goal of each box is to help teen girls find their authentic self by exploring items and activities presented in each box that will encourage positive self-worth, a sense of control over their changing lives and peace of mind.

Each item and/or activity presented in a Teen Yoga Box has been carefully selected to match an empowering theme. With each box, comes a letter from Jennifer Lovely that explains how each item will help encourage, empower and motivate one to live a more fulfilling life.

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“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”
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