Do you have something you really want to do and/or achieve in life? I know you do! I want to travel the world. I know it sounds typical, right? I want to travel and learn the different alternative medicines different places practice. You see, I try to learn a lot about holistic medicine in my daily life and I try to incorporate it as much as I possibly can, but I don’t know much. I am confident I can learn so so much more. I am confident I can achieve my travel goals if I set my mind to it. I, also, believe you can achieve your goals as well.

You can find confidence in anything you do. It could be something as simple as choosing what kind of bread to get in the grocery store, you need to be confident in your decision. If you question yourself constantly in life, you will become unhappy. Happiness is key! Being able to believe in yourself on making decisions and not relying on others is such a fantastic feeling.

I know there is a lot of you are just starting school this month and many could be seniors, am I right? Soon, you will be set in full gear on finding what college you want to attend! Yes, I said it, college! That’s a weird thing to hear about, huh? Well, my point of this is, you need to become confident in what you want to do after high school. I don’t mean to scare you, but this year will fly by! Maybe you know what school you want to go too, but not sure about your major. Maybe it’s the other way around? Applying for colleges is a long process. Be confident in your choices and believe you can do it! Be confident that certain college will accept you! Be persistent and determined and you can make anything happen for you! I, myself, chose not to attend college right after high school. Instead, I set my goal to moving to California and starting a life of my own. Yes, it is one difficult change, even if you are moving out of your house in general, but I was determined and confident in my decision!

I found a rad list of different ways to stay confident from Zen Habits:

  1. Think positively and keep away all of those negative thoughts. Those thoughts kill your vibe and keep you from doing what you want! Positivity will bring you pure thoughts and pure thoughts will keep you confident!
  2. This may sound silly, but I found something that told me to get to know myself. Yes, I mean learn your likes and dislikes and don’t fake anything. Be yourself and you will learn to love it!
  3. Be kind to others and i know it sounds cliche, but treat others the way you want to be treated. In my eyes, it will make you feel good about yourself and others.
  4. Be prepared to face any obstacle in life that hits you. If you prepare for that college, you will become aware of the true possibilities that will come your way!
  5. I really liked this one when i saw it! It says, know your principles and live them! Live for what you love! I one-hundred percent believe in this statement! You need to be confident on the direction you are going in life!
  6. Be grateful for what you have in life. Never regret anything you know you truly wanted to do! Look at it as an amazing experience! Be grateful for those experiences.
  7. Smile more!! The more you smile, the more people will see and then they will smile, which will make you smile and an incredible chain reaction happens 🙂

Once you set your mind to something, you can do it! Trust me! Stay confident! You got this!
Talk at ya later, Mila