With a new school year beginning for most this week, preparation is in full swing. We all know that getting the necessities such as pencils, paper, note cards, a new backpack to colorful highlighters are a must. But did you ever think to have a kit for those moments in life that are bound to happen? For example… OMG you forgot to apply deodorant? Pop quiz and now you’re freaking out… how do you calm your nerves? Well, we have the answer for you.

We have created a Confidence Kit (Available the entire month of August while supplies last, just buy a ONE BOX AT A TIME or sign up for a subscription)  that has some key elements to help you get through those moments that sneak up on you.

Here is what is inside … 

Feel free to add any other special items in your Confidence Kit so you can be prepared for anything! Good luck this year and remember … You are beautiful, incredible and loved.