Welcome to TeenYogaBox. I created each box with you in mind, and only you. Our thoughts and actions create our reality and my hope for you is that as you receive your monthly TeenYogaBox you carve out the time in your busy schedule to be with YOU. Each box is designed to help you call on your inner self to create, find inner peace, connect to all of your senses and love who you are.

When you open each box sit with each product, whether it is organic lotions, pretty jewelry, something sweet to taste, or a journal to explore how you felt about in your day, acknowledge the beauty inside of you as well as your outer beauty.

You are unique and strong and each box is to remind you that no matter where you are that you are special to me.

Namaste’ (the light in me sees the light in you)

Jennifer Lovely
Creator of TeenYogaBox