That day when you wake up and your phone falls into the sink and now you can’t text, Instagram, Snapchat or Tweet! You immediately go to “my life sucks” it’s the “end of my life” mode. You become miserable with your parents, you can’t stand your siblings, and everything that seemed amazing yesterday, absolutely BLOWS!!!

I have the solution that will help you bypass these negative emotions before they even happened …

First thing: Stop what you are doing.
Next: Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth 5 times
Then: Close your eyes and pray your parents had insurance on your phone…?” No no silly… Back to breathing 5x inhaling through your nose and out your mouth. Get quiet, acknowledge and FEEL how frustrating, annoying and utterly ridiculous your current situation is and start thinking about the benefits of not having your phone for a little while.

You get to be free from the constant distractions of social media, like seeing everyone’s posts every 5 minutes, you may even pay attention in class.

This is a mental break is a way to give your mind, brain and emotions a chance to literally relax. You stop comparing yourself to someone else, you get a moment to escape the negativity that comes with social media, and you get to notice what is around you, your senses reinstate and you may just reconnect with a sibling, parent, or maybe your self…

So when you think today is the worst day ever, take a moment, breath and change your perspective. Trust me… Your life is not over it has just begun!