Say what you mean without being mean.

That day you wake up and your best girlfriend has been going on & on about how she wants to break up with her boyfriend or distance herself from another friend, and this conversation has been going on for to long, and you want her to do it or just stop talking about it.

Here are a few NICE ways to express your opinion without potentially loosing your friend.

• I believe in you and know you will find the perfect time to break up with him. In the meantime, I can’t keep listening to your pain because it pains me to much.

• Your still in the relationship for a reason. I love you, but call me when you decide your ready for a healthier place.

• When we are together lets not discuss (so and so) and so we can focus on having fun together.

Take 5 breaths in and out and know that you are brave and courageous for speaking your mind with out being mean.