Hello my lovelies,

I want to start off by saying thank you for being part of Teen Yoga Box. Whether you are a current subscriber to our boxes, our blog, or a follower on our social channels, you have made Teen Yoga Box so special.

As you know, life is ever changing. No matter what you plan, hope for or dream of, things can change. We look at these changes with an open heart. And even though these changes may not have been what we have planned, we can learn from them to move forward and to continue to grow.

That being said, with much thought, we have decided that Teen Yoga Box is going to take a break. We are not going away, as we will still be updating our blog with lifestyle tips, yoga inspiration and updates on where this new journey will lead Teen Yoga Box, but we will be suspending our subscription box service.

I started Teen Yoga Box because I saw a need for young woman to be inspired. To be provided tools to help them thrive. To create a box that made them feel special and unique. I feel I have done this with all who have subscribed and hope to continue to do so in the same, or maybe different, way. Only time will tell for now.

Unfortunately, Teen Yoga Box is unable to complete current orders. So a refund will be issued to all current (unshipped boxes) and new orders.* I sincerely appreciate your understanding during this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact use at info@teenyogabox.com. I hope the best for all of you.


Jennifer Lovely


  • Example: If you bought a six month box and have received three boxes, you will be refunded the amount worth of three boxes (and tax if applicable).