So, I turned on the TV last night and instead of seeing a cute, summery commercial for a bikini company, I saw the dreaded back to school commercial with a little kid smiling and showing off the backpack twice his size. Yep. It’s that time of year. Back to school shopping is upon us. However, can we all agree that, despite the sadness of summer coming to an end, walking through the isles of hundreds of different binder and pen color options can be just a bit exhilarating. One problem with this… I end up getting three times the amount I needed just because I think I MIGHT end up using it. Soooo, to prevent this problem for many of you, I’m going to provide you with a back to school list of only things you truly might need… even though that shiny folder with the mirror and built in calculator might be catching your eye…

  1. A plain simple binder that will be able to hold all your papers
  2. A package of pencils that you think will last you the year. And make sure to grab some regular number two pencils as well for those glorious scantron tests we all love to take.
  3. Some black and blue long lasting pens
  4. One or two highlighters in different colors to make your words POP
  5. A spiral notebook that will hold all the notes you need for tests
  6. If you prefer to study with notecards, make sure to grab a pack of those
  7. And to hold all the items above, get yourself a backpack that expresses who you are and highlights your style
  8. Lastly, don’t forget your Back to School Teen Yoga Box that is available the entire month of August that has the much needed confidence kit and year planner!

Aside from all the difficult academic tasks you are going to be given, make sure to approach school with a positive attitude, and look forward to all the amazing memories your going to make with your friends.