Today was my first day of school.

Yep, that means I stressed out about what outfit to wear, was given about five different syllabuses for my mom to sign, and squeezed my way through the crowded, stuffy halls I most definitely did not miss. It is my senior year! Yeah that’s right… King of the school!! By now I have mastered the ins and outs of high school; from getting good grades to figuring out where to sit and eat at lunch, I’m basically a pro at this whole high school thing. And truthfully, school has become quite enjoyable. I know most of you think… uggghhh school ewwwww please don’t make me go!!… but the start of school shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Approach school with a positive attitude. Don’t go in dreading the fact that you have to be there. Instead, accept that it is out of your control and make the most of it. Laugh with your friends. Participate in activities. Meet new people. Get to know your teachers. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. High school is four years of your life, and you only get to experience it once. Make the most of it. When senior year comes along it hits you; all the people you spent the past four years of your life with are going their separate ways, so cherish the time you have in high school. It flies by. Positive energy will only enrich your experience; so don’t make time for any negative vibes. Just enjoy the year, and make memories that will last you a lifetime.