I remember being ten walking home from school. In “those days” we did not have cell phones, social media, or a barrage of everyday activities. Our activities started later in the day, after school, so I had to come up with things to do on my way home to make things interesting, being that I had un-diagnosed ADD, I had to come up with ways to get my energy out. One fun activity I would do was to try not step on a crack or “you will break your mother’s back”. Sounds fun, and OUCH that could hurt Mom, but try it, it’s actually quite hard.

The other thing I tried was skipping, I skipped the 1.5 miles home (partly) anyways, and tried to go fast. Another fun activity that gets your heart pumping and that challenges your coordination.
Lastly tho, when I made it home, we had a HUGE brick wall that protected my house from the busy street, and on that wall I practiced handstands. I remember how unnerving it was to go upside down, and scared that my legs would not hit the brick wall and I would tumble over falling. I definitely needed some confidence for this task.
After a few attempts Of  “donkey kicks” I finally got it. I would hold that hand stand for a count of 3, 5, 8 and on up. I felt exhilaration! I was proud, I trusted me.
Life happens, and I stopped doing those handstands, we moved away from that brick wall, I started playing sports competitively, and I forgot what those handstands were like for me.
When I started my yoga practice, we practiced handstands, and those same feelings came up for me, exhilaration!
But also, I was an adult, life had taken over, stress, different emotions and some same fears, but also different ones.

Here are a few reasons to do handstands, no matter your age;

1. Challenging; not only physically but mentally.
2. Sitting all day is not good for you on many levels. So practicing handstands activates blood flow, gets you out of the slumped posture that happens in school, forces you to straighten your arms, since being in your iphone/computer/desk keeps your elbows flexed.
3: Changes your perspective! If you have had a rough day, (you have heard that term “turn that frown upside down) well you are literally turning it upside down. Blood flow to the brain will nourish you!
4. You practice trust! Trusting yourself MOST. Getting your legs up the wall. Practicing pulling legs away from wall.
I dare you! Start with donkey kicks, than hand stands, than legs away from wall, & then maybe you move to the center of the room.
A fun pose that not only empowers your self, but also your mind & body!!
Namaste!! Ahoy!!